That’s Not Kleenex!

Little Miss is a curious little lass.  More than once I’ve found her pulling the kleenex out of the box on my nightstand.  It was time to harness this curiosity for good.  I found an activity where you could stuff kleenex boxes and then have your child pull out those instead of your real ones.  I forgot I had an empty kleenex box tucked away for this very purpose, so this morning when Sugar Pop found it and brought it to me, we decided today would be a great day to give it a try.  


She really enjoyed it and it turned out to be a very colorful activity.  Now if only I could teach her to restuff the box herself. 

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

Hubs has really been on a roll lately. He’s getting all sorts of projects done. Technically, clothes lines are forbidden in our neighborhood, but we have a lot of privacy in our side yard. We figured that if we kept … Continue reading

Daddy’s Lap: Then and Now

While at restaurants, we like to spend some time cuddling with Little Miss before throwing her into the high chair.  A restaurant trip this weekend reminded me of one on a road trip last summer.

THEN: (June 2013)



NOW: (June 2014)


Checking out the Tool bag

One of the side effects of the mud room project is that we have tools everywhere- the mantle, the island, the portico, etc. Little Miss is used to being outside on the portico as that’s where we have her water table set up.  This weekend she was way more interested in Daddy’s tool bag.


Maybe if she handles the tools enough, she’ll be able to hand them to him when being asked and become really helpful in building projects.  Maybe.

Future Macy’s Balloon Handler?

We went to a friend’s house last week.  This friend always has the coolest stuff to play with.  This time when we went there was a Hello Kitty balloon.  Little Miss was fascinated with it.  She loved watching it flow in the breeze from the air conditioning, playing the the weight at the bottom of the string and batting at it if I brought it down to her level.  Now that she’s mobile, Little Miss likes to go on walks through the house.  It usually concerns her friend’s mom if we can’t see her, but it wasn’t an issue on this day.  We could usually tell where she was by watching the balloon bob above countertops or through the stair rails.  I missed the picture through the kitchen, but this is how we could tell she was hanging out in the family room:


Here’s the same shot from another angle:


Honestly, this girl finds endless ways to amuse me- I love getting to spend time with her so much.  I didn’t do balloons for this past birthday, but judging by how much she liked it, I’ll have to reconsider for her next one.  Heck, my birthday is the next one in our family- I may get one for mine to watch her play.

Hugs & Cuddles, Cuddles & Hugs

One of the nice things about living just a few hours from one side of our cousins, is that we get to see them fairly regularly.  The girls are particularly interested in each other.  It’s a horrible angle for Tater Tot, but here is a cousin shot from when Tater Tot was 3 months old:



Then there were special cuddles at her 1st birthday party:


And last weekend we got to see her again.  She and her mom were in town for a friend’s birthday party and were able to break away to have lunch with us.  Sweet Pea just kind of studied her cousin throughout lunch, but when it was time to go and asked if she wanted to give her cousin a hug, she wasted no time:


She’s never given a hug on command before and definitely isn’t one to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  I love to watch the relationship build between these two.  I have some cherished memories with some of my cousins and I hope that these girls will have the same.