Truck Rally

I’ve been feeling the urge to buy Little Miss some dolls, but I’m determined she’s not going to grow up with super-defined gender stereotypes. Don’t get me wrong, the girl wears her fair share of pink, but I want to be sure that she’s aware that nothing is off limits to her. For some inexplicable reason, I decided that since I was yearning to get her dolls, I was going to postpone that and buy her trucks instead. Between a mama Facebook post and the make your own bag bin at the local thrift store, I was able to get her a fair amount of cars and trucks for $3. That made me happy. Little Miss enjoys her trucks immensely. She particularly enjoys Daddy and I rolling them along the lower shelf where her toys are usually stored. She watches us roll them into things and asks for more repeatedly. Here’s her and her daddy playing when we first brought them home.

photo 1

She greatly prefers us to do the actual rolling. I demand that she tell me which one to roll next and she’s good about gathering them back when they’re all done, but she’s not one to initiate much herself. Except last weekend I did see her playing with them. I had to quickly snap a picture because it’s such a rare sight.

photo 5

She enjoys the trucks and I’m glad that I got them before dolls. I don’t know why I’m glad about this, but maybe in time I’ll understand.


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