Future Macy’s Balloon Handler?

We went to a friend’s house last week.  This friend always has the coolest stuff to play with.  This time when we went there was a Hello Kitty balloon.  Little Miss was fascinated with it.  She loved watching it flow in the breeze from the air conditioning, playing the the weight at the bottom of the string and batting at it if I brought it down to her level.  Now that she’s mobile, Little Miss likes to go on walks through the house.  It usually concerns her friend’s mom if we can’t see her, but it wasn’t an issue on this day.  We could usually tell where she was by watching the balloon bob above countertops or through the stair rails.  I missed the picture through the kitchen, but this is how we could tell she was hanging out in the family room:


Here’s the same shot from another angle:


Honestly, this girl finds endless ways to amuse me- I love getting to spend time with her so much.  I didn’t do balloons for this past birthday, but judging by how much she liked it, I’ll have to reconsider for her next one.  Heck, my birthday is the next one in our family- I may get one for mine to watch her play.


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