Construction Zone

After finishing the learning tower, hubs felt inclined to start another project.  There is a small hallway at the back door.  It’s a great place to take off shoes, but they look messy and it was gathering stuff such as garbage and recycling as well.  I suggested we build in a bench and some shelves below to store our shoes.  Hubs agreed it was a good idea and would help keep things organized.  Then I suggested adding bead board because, wouldn’t it just look so cute?  Hubs agreed to it, but I have to admit I feel sorry for the guy.  I always seem to make projects way harder than they have to be.  Anyway, hubs has been busily building away and Little Miss is very curious.  Since she’ll take his tools and run, and some of his tools aren’t kid-friendly, he erected this barrier.  It works really well and she often likes to check in on what he’s doing and listen to his explanations.


Two tools that did get left out were stud finders.  Little Miss brought them to me one morning while I was making breakfast and handed them over.  I quickly showed her how to use one in the hallway.  I kid you not, she took it to the wall and used it perfectly.  I couldn’t get to the camera quick enough, unfortunately.  I did, however, get this one.



Then I suppose she became curious about what else the stud finder would find.  She checked her belly for studs.


I was quite shocked with the tool started beeping at her.  Makes me question how well it does his job.  Either way, looks like our Little Miss may have a future in construction.  She definitely seems interested. 


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