Walking the Dog

As a tactic to tire her out for bedtime, we’ve converted our evening family walk from being parent-led to being baby-led.  We carry her down the stairs and let her dictate where we go any given night.  These walks are very slow, but if the objective is to spend time together as a family, then they continue to serve their function perfectly.  Huck also joins us on these walks, but since Little Miss is desperate to walk him, and since the leash often trips her up and makes her fall, we walk him off leash unless we see other dogs.  One evening we did see another dog and hubs leashed him.  You wouldn’t believe the drama this caused when hubs tried to put the leash away again.  We tried letting her walk him, then picked her up to come home and hubs walked Huck the rest of the way.  Tater Tot was still upset when we got home so I let her walk Huck around the kitchen.  She was thrilled.



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