Baby Hikes

We’ve been pretty good about sticking to a Sunday family hike.  A few weeks ago we took the jelly bean out for a hike.  A common trail we do is a two mile paved loop.  I wore her for a while and she was able to get a nap.  She seemed to be so happy that we decided to do another lap.  That’s when she woke up and started to get restless.  We decided to take her down and let her stretch her legs a bit. We’re blessed with a child that doesn’t really run everywhere.  She was really good about staying on the trail, and only stopped occasionally to look at plants or things on the edge.  Girl is getting fast!  Here she is walking all by herself.


Inevitably, after a while she started to tire, as all little legs do.  She wasn’t thrilled about going back in the carrier, however.  Daddy decided that the easiest thing to do would be to put her on his shoulders.  


She liked that and stayed up there for a while.  At one point some weird salt lick thing started happening with his ear, but I wasn’t able to capture that for posterity, unfortunately.



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