Visiting Puppy’s Pad

Visiting Puppy's Pad

Meal time was becoming frustrating in our house. Sweet Pea and Puppy were in cahoots. He would wait eagerly at her feet during meals and she would obligingly drop food just to watch him eat it. Hubs and I were both getting frustrated. Enter, this pillow. It lived in our master bathroom for a while, got soaked with water by a tipped water bowl, spent some time outside drying and then came into the living room, where both Sweet Pea and Puppy enjoyed jumping and laying on it. Hubs got the inspired idea to move it to the dining room. Now we have Huck lay on the pillow while we eat. This has drastically reduced the amount of food thrown on the floor, he still gets to be with the family, and we have less cleanup. Puppy must really like his pillow because he often hangs out there throughout the day. Sweet Pea likes to drop in and visit as well. They were cuddling really cutely, but this was all I was able to get by the time I got back with my camera.


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