Sippy Victory

While Little Miss is an excellent eater and happy to feed herself, we’ve really struggled in the drinking department.  She happily takes bottles, but refuses to hold them herself.  We spent lots of money finding a sippy cup that she would use and were thrilled when she would pick it up by herself, but she would never tip it up so she could actually drink from it.  When I was in California my speech therapist cousin told me that I needed to have her off both the bottle and the sippy or it could result in speech issues.  Great.  She recommended either straws or normal cups.  

I happened to have some straw sippy cups from our earlier searches, but when I pulled them out she didn’t like them.  I tried it out and discovered you needed to bite the straw to get it to come out and even then it wasn’t much.  I agreed with her that they stank.  I then tried holding up normal cups for her, jelly jars, shot glasses, and she wasn’t interested in any of them.  I bought a Klean Kanteen water bottle and she will drink from it if she’s desperate, but it wasn’t a good everyday option.  Even though I’m really not thrilled about plastic, I went to Target willing to buy anything that would work.  I found some straw cups that you didn’t need to bit to get to work and snagged a 2 pack praying she would use it.

Not only did she happily sip water from the cup, she was willing to hold it herself.  


Words cannot describe the relief I feel to finally have a developmentally appropriate cup that she’ll use herself.  The only disadvantage is that now I often have to go around the house searching for where she left her cup.  Now I just need to go buy a bunch more.  Victory!


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