Park Intermission

Now that we have a walker, our evening walks are usually spent around the neighborhood at a very slow pace, trying to wear a little one out before bedtime.  It’s pretty effective, but hubs and I are missing our exercise.  Last week we were able to load everyone up and go for a longer family walk like we used to take.  At the turnaround point on the greenway is a little park.  We decided that since we weren’t letting Little Miss walk, we should stop at the park to stretch her legs.  Daddy took her down the slide again.  


Puppy was very interested in this and also came to investigate.  While they didn’t get stuck on the slide like at the other playground, it still wasn’t a fast smooth ride.  We may wait until she’s a little older and let her try going down solo.  We also spent some time on the swings.


She seemed to enjoy it, but we weren’t out there very long before the mosquitos started finding us, so we decided to pack back up for the walk home.  I don’t understand why the mosquitos are so bad considering the winter we had.  Makes me a little sad.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get some more park adventures in soon.

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