A Family Ride

Hubs likes cycling.  Baby enjoys the trailer.  The only two left to get with the program were Puppy and me.  Since my knee is keeping me from running I decided that it may be time to take up cycling.  Hubs got out all the bikes, added air, hooked up the trailer and began to load us all inside.  We decided to cover our local greenway (5 mi) and then head to get some peaches at a nearby stand.  Since we weren’t going too far, why not bring puppy?  We loaded Sweet Pea into the trailer as usual, put a blanket over her legs to protect her from dog nails, and loaded in Huck.  You should’ve seen her face light up when she realized she got to share with Huck.  She got a big smile, gave a little giggle, and immediately began petting him.


When we put the cover on, puppy decided that he would prefer to hang his head out in the breeze.


Everyone did great on the ride.  I was able to manage the hills, puppy didn’t jump out and hubs further impressed me by towing a nearly 60 lb trailer on a fixed gear bike.  We even squeezed in a visit to the new Goodwill before heading back home.  We all enjoyed it, I think.  I’m never sure if puppy’s love of hanging out with the family outweighs the situations we put him into that he might not enjoy, such as riding in the trailer on in a kayak.  


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