TGIF- The ‘Buzzy Bee’ Edition

A great source of New Zealand pride is the buzzy bee.  It’s a popular Kiwi-made pull toy that makes noise at it’s pulled.  Here’s a big float from a Christmas parade I went to while I lived there.



When my niece and nephew were younger I made sure that they had one and I bought one for myself, hoping to use it someday when I had a child of my own.  I had to wait many, many years, but my little doll is finally old enough for her buzzy bee.  At first she walked around the house holding the string around the back of her neck and letting it knock on the floor.  I showed her how to use it and she really enjoyed watching me do it, but she wouldn’t do it herself.  Finally, the other day I heard the wings clacking and found Little Miss.



This is also the first time I’ve noticed Little Miss walking backwards.  It’s amazing what a little motivation will do.  Here’s to the end of a ‘buzzy’ week and hopes that you have a relaxing weekend.


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