Getting Skirted Up

I tried my hand at sewing while I was pregnant.  I made a lot of things for the nursery (crib skirt, curtain pulls, skirt for end table, seat cover for the window bench), and while they weren’t perfect, they worked.  I also tried my hand at making some cute little dresses out of onesies.  Some of them were adorable:


And some of them were total failures:


Another thing I tried making was a skirt.  This stretched my ability because I had to use elastic and I followed the measurements for what was supposed to be a 12 month size.  This week I finally fished it out and put it on.  It is adorable.  Here’s Little Miss walking towards me giving me the ‘milk’ sign with her hand:


I think these pictures are cute, but they accentuate her belly.  The elastic likes to sit low in the front, but higher in the back.  Here’s a side view from when she was playing in the hallway:


Perhaps the cutest view is the one from behind.  It was hard to get this one because this girl is always on the move!



In some ways it reminds me of a tutu.  I’m glad that I made it and it’s a look that she can definitely rock and is comfortable for the summer.  I especially love the center fabric.  It was at the end of the bolt and I have a yard (plus the excess from this piece) that I’ve been saving to make her a bubble romper this summer.  But I love the fabric so much that I’m terrified I’ll mess it up.  I’ll probably end up doing nothing out of fear, so I’ll have the enjoy the skirt more, I suppose.


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