Welcome to Toddlerhood!

It’s official- we have a walker!! For the last month or so I’ve been telling everyone who would listen that I really liked the phase that we were in. Little Miss was independent, cuddly, played nicely with her toys and worked really well with her schedule.
Seemingly overnight after her first birthday, she became hungry all the time, started voicing definite opinions, toyed with dropping a nap, and seemed harder to engage. She started using her walker consistently right before her first birthday and has taken a few steps here and there over the last week or two, but nothing really to speak of. I knew the day was fast approaching when my little Tater Tot would begin walking. Last Thursday, May 15, was a rough day because Little Miss and I both had colds. I spent most the day laying on the couch and trying to supervise her from a supine position. When hubs came home I snatched the opportunity to lay down in my bed upstairs. The the texts and videos started rolling in. This was one of them. Apparently, Little Miss decided to make that the day she was going to officially burst into toddlerhood by walking. She went all over the house and is amazingly stable on her feet. She walks all the time now and rarely falls. I know there will be things to embrace about toddlerhood, but I’m mourning the loss of my baby.


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