These Shoes are Made for Walking

These Shoes are Made for Walking

Now that we have a walker, I feel like I have to give her experiences walking on different surfaces. When we’re in the house we’re barefoot and that’s how I like it. However, the time is approaching where she’ll need to wear shoes while we’re out and about. After a traumatic trip to the shoe store (Seriously, she screamed bloody murder) we came home with one pair of shoes designed specifically for new walkers. Monday was shaping up to be a gorgeous morning, so I decided we should go out by the neighborhood fountain for some exploring. Mostly, what she did was look at me. Then she stomped for a while. I think she was trying to get used to something between her feet and the ground. She crawled a bit, bear crawled a bit and then finally walked around some. There’s still definitely more to explore (especially grass), but I didn’t have sunscreen on her and wanted to get her back inside. It’s nice to have a place she can explore so close to the house. Hopefully she’ll walk normally in shoes with a bit more practice.


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