The Spoils of Silence

The Spoils of Silence

Whenever I went to or hosted play dates, I would watch the other kids tear up the house and my little baby would play nicely in the main area. I felt sorry for the other moms and thanked my lucky stars that I had a baby so content to play with her toys. Well, that switch that flipped when she turned a year old put all that to an end. Little Miss is into absolutely everything and she gets really mad when you don’t let her play in, oh, say, the garbage. She wants to be involved with you more and more, but there are some times that she’ll still play independently. Unfortunately, now that she’s into everything, you have to be really aware of where she’s playing. I thought she was playing with the water bowl in the master bathroom and was going about my business. Hubs came upon this in the closet. Apparently, Little Miss found some file tabs for the filing cabinet and started to check them out. As far as messes go, this wasn’t a big one (I should take a picture of the toilet paper scraps she’ll leave all over the bathroom if left unattended), but it’s certainly a lesson to be aware of all the potential hazards around the house. Looks like it’s time for baby proofing, Round 2.


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