The Mulch Zoo

The Mulch Zoo

I love that the mamas I hang out with are pretty active and always looking for places to take their little ones. This week is gorgeous here so we decided to have a zoo play date on Tuesday. We loaded up the kids into strollers and carriers and walked around to see the different animals. I would point out an elephant to her, and all Tater Tot would be looking at was the bush in the foreground. She wasn’t really ready.
Then some of the mothers of older kids decided to go to the petting zoo. I thought it just sounded dirty and gross, but peer pressure won out and I took Little Miss in to check it out. I put her down thinking she’d want to walk around and explore some of the goats and other animals milling about. Nope, she immediately squatted down and started exploring the mulch. I was a bit grossed out thinking about the animal fluids that must be on that mulch, but I tried to persevere and get her interested in an animal. This was an epic failure- you can see kids playing with one of the goats in the background and Little Miss would only look at the mulch. After a few minutes I decided she wasn’t ready for this either and whisked her out.
(Sorry about the white onesie. We had a wardrobe malfunction and I didn’t have a full change of clothes on me. Something to remember for the next time we head out.)


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