Not Just for the Dogs Anymore

We all know how Little Miss adores Huck.  He’s pretty fond of her as well and they share lots together.  He lets her play in his water bowl, and she feeds him from the table.  She gives him belly rubs and he shares his sun spot.  He’s also really good about sharing his toys, and not just with Little Miss either.  When little friends come to visit for play dates, one of the most popular places in the house is the dog toy basket.  A few weeks ago a friend came over and became quite smitten with a spiky football.  Enough so that his mother asked to borrow it rather than risk a meltdown as they left.  Huck never plays with the toy so I let it go and didn’t worry about it.  I completely forgot about it, but they brought it back the next time they came over.  I threw it in the basket and didn’t think much about it. 

The next day I found Little Miss standing by his toy basket looking out the window wistfully holding none other than the football toy.  It is truly nothing special, and yet it’s irresistible to kids.  


I’m just glad that Puppy isn’t really into the toys and it’s not a source of conflict in the house.  Perhaps I should just go ahead and move the football to her toy basket and be done with it.  


One thought on “Not Just for the Dogs Anymore

  1. Maybe she’s looking for her Uncle Mike and the results of the NFL draft! Lol!

    Finn totally adored and treasured his orange football toy even sleeping with it, until he totally destroyed it bit by bit!

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