Buckle Up

Now that I’m able to go paddling regularly, kayaking paraphernalia is making its way into the house.  I brought my dry bag in one night so that I could empty my wallet and keys in the house.  It was on a table to go back outside when Little Miss Curious spotted it, took it down and started exploring.  She wasn’t too interested in the lights that were left inside, but she sure did love the buckles.  She spent ages looking at the buckle and trying to figure it out.  


The tongue of concentration made its appearance.  The bag never actually made it outside.  She views it as a puzzle and I left it out so she can come back to it and keep trying.  She looks at it at least once a day and also carried an extra dog collar with the same kind of clip around the house for an entire day.  Hopefully she’ll get it figured out soon.  I love how she sticks with a task until she figures it out on her own.

2 thoughts on “Buckle Up

  1. Anna is an amazing little girl! So curious and interested in so many things! And such an attention span for her age! She really watches, observes and learns easily! A joy to watch her interact with her world! Especially when she show
    s her love for mom and dad and laughs so easily! Such a wonderful little girl!

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