Happy Mother’s Day to Me

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Last year when Mother’s Day came around, I was a brand new mom and was just trying to survive. This year, I definitely feel like I earned this day:) To celebrate, we loaded everybody up and drove to the local state park for a hike. Notice Shorty’s brand new ride? She outgrew the Ergo and it was time to upgrade to something bigger. I hemmed and hawed for a long while as they’re pretty expensive, but finally settled on this Kinderpack. It has a much higher back so she can’t lean anymore, which was really pulling at my back. It also has a mesh back which allows more air through which will hopefully help as the temperatures continue to rise. This must’ve come with a complimentary side of Sleepy Dust, because she’s already taken two naps while riding, one while on this hike. She feels much lighter and it’s a lot easier for me to carry her both on my back and on the front. However, as wonderful as the Kinderpack is, my Mother’s Day gift was even better.
Hubs must’ve really thought hard about this because he came up with a great gift. He decided to give my kayak a little TLC, now that I’m using it more. It was a hand me down kayak from my Dad and I’ve loved it. However, it was starting to get a little neglected and needed some attention. Hubs already added a drain hole for me (yay!) and is also going to reseal my dry hatch, restring my steg so I can actually move it up and down myself, and add a clip so I attach my paddle to the outside while I’m taking a break. I’m pretty excited for all the updates to be made. Since most of my paddling will be done without him this year, it’s a nice reminder of him while I’m out on the water. It was a really great day. I hope that you moms (and moms of fur babies) also had a great one.


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