My Little Fashionista

At our old house, I became friends with the neighbor two doors down.  She had a daughter 4 years old and came over one day with some clothes that she told me she couldn’t bear to give away.  She wanted Little Miss to have them so that hopefully she would be able to see them again on another little girl.  It was really sweet.  And then we moved.  The clothes were all really big at the time, so I put them in a bin and didn’t think much of them.  Last week I actually went through the bin and found this shirt.  It was pretty cute and was perfect for the chillier morning we were having.  Before we went to coffee I dressed her in the shirt and snapped this picture:


But, wait- there’s more!  When we go to coffee, the babies often crawl around on a very dirty, very cold cement floor.  I didn’t want her bare legs touching that, so I added some leggings.  The whole look was very cute.  This is the sort of picture that we’ll look at when she’s much older and I’m sure she’ll criticize me for putting her in all the different patterns, but I think is very endearing right now.  The smile just adds to the look:


She got lots of compliments on the outfit at coffee and I was able to just slip off the filthy leggings when we left and it had warmed up.  I must admit that I’m in love with dressing my little girl.  I only wish it were so fun to dress myself.


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