Getting Berry Picky

The weather here is very summer like and local produce is starting to become available.  One of the nice things about our new location, is that we’re not far from rural areas.  There’s a pick your own strawberry farm about 20 minutes from the house.  Sunday morning we woke up and decided to get some strawberry picking in before nap time.  

First up, drive to the farm and take obligatory picture with the sign:


Because Little Miss wakes up early, we arrived and there was one dad with his daughter there.  We thought, “Sweet!  We won’t have any competition for the strawberries!” We strapped Little Miss on, grabbed some big buckets and began searching:


Except, did you hear me mention that we went on Sunday?  The berries were all picked over from the day before.  The closest Little Miss got to picking a strawberry was this:



After searching through maybe 5 rows, we had less than 10 berries in our bucket.  We finally acknowledged the futility and bought some that were picked already.  I’ve toyed with bringing her back during the week because the berries were so darn good, but I’m not sure.  It’s a lot of effort to constantly squat with a baby on your back.  When we were done we rested in the shade for a bit before heading home for nap.



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