Happy 1 Year Birthday, Butterbean!

Happy 1 Year Birthday, Butterbean!

My sweet baby is one year old. She’s still affectionate- loves to cuddle and adores having raspberries blown on her. My darling girl is definitely making the transition to toddler-hood and I’m not happy about it one bit. I love how independent she is, she’s pretty good at listening to instructions and handles redirection well.
This month was a big one. We had Mamaw come stay with us, as well as her aunt, uncle and cousins, Grandma, and Aunty Judy and Uncle Mike. We hosted a play date to celebrate her birthday and while she was slow to warm up with so many children in the house and taking over her toys, she did eventually join in all the games. She learned so many things this month. I was surprised at how many things I added to her new skills column. A few weeks ago she was happily crawling all over the house. Then, she began standing on her own, and now she’s walking all over with a walker, happy as a clam. I’m sure she’ll be walking soon. Not sure what’ll be next, perhaps talking?
Well, we had a Dr visit and lots to report, so we’ll move to the numbers, shall we?

By the Numbers:
Weight- 23 lbs 12 oz, 93rd percentile
Height- 31.25 in, 98th percentile
Head Circumference- 18.5 in, 94th percentile
Clothes Size- 18 mo
# oz drunk/day- 4 6 oz bottles, only 2 oz of formula in each bottle until our last canister runs out, then all almond milk
# teeth- 8! The 8th tooth finally popped through at the beginning of the month. Next up, molars, but hopefully not for a while
Road Trips- 0, but lots of people came to visit:)
Foods Tried- applesauce in a pouch, red grapes, Cheerios, lasagne, grapefruit, eggplant, BIRTHDAY CAKE/ICE CREAM!!
Favorite things- her y bike walker, Huckleberry
New Skill- WALKING WITH A WALKER!!, turning the pages in books at the correct time, stacking blocks 2 high, holding and drinking from her sippy cup
Biggest Challenge- getting her to be comfortable in new situations. Whenever we’re out she’s pretty much glued to my legs.
Biggest Success- She’s really starting to listen and follow commands.
Sweetest Thing- We have Little Miss’ mattress on the floor. It makes it easier for us to get her back to sleep at night. She’s now learned how to open her bedroom door. In the morning, she crawls off her mattress, opens her door and crawls into my bedroom for cuddles and nursing before we officially get up and start our day.
Huckleberry- That girl loves her dog. She gets a huge smile on her face when she sees him and often laughs. She crawls over to him and pets him often. One of her favorite things to do is be near me as I throw Huck a ball or toy for him to fetch. She watches me throw it, waits for him to get it, and then claps and bounces excitedly as I scream ‘yay’ and he brings it back. She’s now holding the ball out to him. If he takes it from her hand she gets ridiculously excited. She tries throwing it for him to fetch, but it mostly just falls in front of her and he doesn’t understand what the game is supposed to be so he doesn’t usually get the ball. She doesn’t seem to hold it against him.
Animal Impersonation- fish- She makes a really cute shape with her mouth where she puts her top teeth over her bottom lip and holds down and releases. It both looks and sounds like a fish. I’ve tried asking her to do it on command, but I haven’t had any luck yet.


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