The Cousins Come to Visit

Over the weekend we had a little celebration to mark Little Miss’ first birthday.  We invited immediate family into town for the occasion and we were blessed to have them all come.  The cousins all arrived the night before which made for even more fun.  It gave Sugar Pop some time to adjust to being around so many people.  She was spoiled with so many people wanting to play with her and provide her entertainment.  Here she is in the morning just playing with her cousin:


In fact, the cousins thought her toys were so much fun, they continued to play with them after she wondered off:



There was one cousin not as interested.  He had his own stuff going on:


The girls in particular got along really well.  They enjoyed making each other laugh and having snuggles:



There may have even been some wrestling involved.  Little Miss can really issue a smack down:


Sadly, the cousins had to take off pretty early.  We can’t wait to see them again.



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