Happy Anniversary to Us

On April 21 hubs and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  We received a card in the mail from my grandma to commemorate the day.  Little Miss really enjoyed playing with it.  We thought it was her own special way of adding her signature to the card:)


It just so happened that Mamaw was in town to spend some quality time with Little Miss.  Although our anniversary was technically on Monday, hubs took Thursday off and suggested we do a paddle to celebrate.  It was a gorgeous day and you don’t have to ask me twice to get out on the river.  We decided that while the Piney River is our favorite, it’s now farther from our new house and there might be some rivers out this way worth exploring.  We packed up the cars and headed to Stones River to give it a try.  Here we are at the put in.


It was a really nice river with just the right blend of a calm river with some technicals.  It took us a few hours to complete the paddle with a stop for lunch in between.  We decided to take our trusty skipper, Huck with us.  We think he also enjoyed the paddle.  We’re never sure if his love of spending time with us outweighs his disdain of water, but we take him with us when we can anyway.  Regardless of whether or not he enjoyed the paddle (we’re just going to assume he did), he rocked his life jacket


(above picture taken from a previous paddle) and smiled all the way home.


How did we get two kayaks, two people and a dog transported?  We loaded one Prius with the kayaks, and the other with a driver and a dog.  It’s hard to imagine 2 kayaks fitting in a Prius, but I have photographic evidence.  Please disregard the danger I put myself in while taking this photo.


It was an amazing day and while the week was incredibly busy, I’m really grateful we were able to get out and enjoy some time as a couple.  Thanks to hubs for planning it and to Mamaw for watching Tater Tot.  It really does take a village.


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