Ok, so we weren’t evicted as in thrown out of our house, but we did have to leave while the house received a nice new coat of paint.  Mamaw, Little Miss and I were lucky enough to score an invite to a friend’s house for the afternoon so off we went.  While at her house, Mamaw and Tater Tot were able to get in a little cuddle time:


Little Miss also wanted to check out a new ride.  She thought it was pretty sweet:


However, as fun as these things were, this stole the show for the afternoon:


What is it you ask?  A container of bubbles.  Our darling girl never opened them or saw us blow any bubbles, she just really enjoyed carrying them around the house in her mouth.  For over 20 minutes.  It was long enough that after a while it occurred to me to start timing it, but I got distracted.  Just trust me- it was long and it was weird.  Our friend gave us the bubbles since she was so attached to them.  Wonder what will happen when she actually sees me make some bubbles.  Mind. Blown.


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