A Walker in our Midst

You may remember a few months ago when I posted about a walker/bike that hubs and I bought for Little Miss.  Here is a picture of Daddy and daughter assembling the toy:


We’ve tried to get her interested in it, and she hasn’t been at all responsive.  Until last week.  She had a friend over and we were all playing in the play room.  All of a sudden, Little MIss stood up behind the walker and started walking around the room- quickly.  I’d never seen her do that before and was very surprised.  Sugar Plum used the dining room chair as a walker with Mamaw during the week.  Friday she emerged from her play room walking confidently behind the walker all over the house- regardless of the surface- quickly.  We were both stunned and impressed at her sudden walking prowess.  Here are some pics snapped on Friday:


She decided to continue her practice on Saturday:


and every day since.  Couple that with the amount of free standing that she’s been doing and I’d say that we’re going to have a walker much quicker than I anticipated.  How did this happen?  10 days ago she wasn’t really close to walking and today she’s at the cusp.  She’s already the size of a toddler and could be confused for an older kiddo, but the crawling keeps her a baby in my eyes.  Once she starts walking I’m going to have to acknowledge that I’m now the mother of a toddler and that makes me sad.  I love everything about her current phase and while I’m sure that the next stage will also excite me, I’m sad to be leaving this behind.  Motherhood is so bittersweet. 

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