Water Play

Now that it’s getting warmer and Little Miss is able to stand, we bought a water table to enjoy this summer.  It was a beautiful day and a friend came over to explore with her.  Please excuse the lack of clothes, we were trying to clear up a bit of diaper rash.  The girls really enjoyed the water and didn’t really fight over the toys.  When that was over they went exploring in the backyard a bit.  The advantage of a shaded yard was that the girls could play without having to load them up with sunscreen.  Her friend has a screened in porch, so we may move over to her house when bug season gets into full swing.  


We’ve already had the table out a few more times since these photos were taken.  Each time she enjoys it just as much.  As fate would have it, we actually have 2 water tables.  We bought one at a garage sale for $5.  When we were home later that afternoon our neighbors came over and gave us another one.  We’re still exploring both to see if we have a strong preference for one or if we want to keep both.  The good news is that a decision doesn’t need to be made now.


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