Sensory Overload

When I taught at the preschool we had sensory bottles in the younger classrooms which counted as ‘science.’  Mostly, it gave the kids something to look at and handle during the day.  Many of these bottles are fast, easy and cheap to make.  My mom found some great small bottles and we brought them South with us when we came down after Thanksgiving.  Then we got busy with the move and I asked a friend to store them so that they wouldn’t get crushed or thrown away.  After that I completely forgot about them until my friend was getting ready to move and asked that I take them back.  So, I’ve finally been reunited with my bottles and this week I’ve started making some sensory bottles.  

One of the first things I did was make different colors with food dye and water.  I’m paranoid about giving them to her on the carpet, so she plays with them on the kitchen floor.  It keeps her busy when I’m cooking and she doesn’t seem too upset to leave them there.  Here are some action shots of her checking them out earlier, although I must admit that some of the bottles are currently mixed in with the pots and pans.  I’m glad that minimal effort can create such a success.



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