The Socks Don’t Lie

The Socks Don't Lie

Last fall when it cooled off and became necessary to find shoes and socks for Little MIss, I struggled to find the right size. I bought some adorable Trumpette socks at a consignment sale at 6-12 mo thinking they would be perfect to get me through the winter. They started out on the small side. Not knowing that it was just the brand that ran small, I purchased some 12-24 mo socks online. When they arrived they were ridiculously huge. Finally, I found some 6-12 mo socks at TJ Maxx that worked perfectly. My little ray of sunshine happily wore these socks through the winter. Lately, (since winter just won’t leave) when I put those socks on they’re pretty small. The heel is naturally sitting about half way down her foot. Not wanting to buy new socks now that we’re (hopefully) heading into summer, I pulled out the huge socks from the fall. Darn if they don’t fit. There’s a little room to grow for her, but by no means do they fall off her feet. I’m not sure why I’m surprised that her feet grew this much in 6 months, but I was very surprised when they fit. Now I’m wondering if they’ll fit when I try to put her in them this fall. Here’s a side by side comparison of the two socks. It’s quite a difference; yet more evidence that my sweet baby girl is growing all too quickly.

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