Daddy’s First Ride

Daddy's First Ride

Hubs decided that he needs to do more cardio and got himself ready for a bike ride with his good bike. This was to be his first ‘real’ ride of the season (without trailing baby behind). Little MIss came over to say goodbye. She didn’t seem too happy about him leaving. Unfortunately, the back tire was flat so the ride was a no-go. Instead, we all hopped in the car and hubs trailed baby on his single-speed bike while I did a training run for the half marathon. I’m glad that he was with me because my knee wouldn’t hold. He wound up dropping the trailer, baby, and myself off at a different trailhead, riding back to the car (he commented how easy it was without the trailer), and coming to pick us up. My hero. It wasn’t the ride he imagined, but at least he was able to get some cardio in.


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