Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy a month or so ago for back pain and then continued when my knee started acting up with all the running. Since I don’t have a babysitter in the middle of the day, Little Miss comes with me to my appointments. The therapist and all the staff are very supportive of her being there, but I think it’s helped by the fact that she is a dream. She’s spent several sessions just laying across me as I lay on the table and the therapist works on my knee. If I need to put her down she often just stands next to me and uses the table for balance. We’ve gone there enough that she’s starting to get pretty comfortable now. She may crawl to her diaper bag and unpack it, or demand puffs from me or the therapist. Last week they had me in the middle of the place doing exercises. Little Miss simply crawled over and played with the ball as I finished with it. They’re having a hard time diagnosing exactly what’s wrong as apparently I have weird symptoms. However, they think they’re zeroing in on it now and hope that they’ll find the fix in the next few sessions. The therapist admits to having baby fever and is very enamored with Anna and she’s definitely starting to warm up to him. I’m not sure who will miss whom more when I’m all fixed up.


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