Organizing the Pantry

Hubs has really been on a roll when it comes to home improvement.  A few weeks ago he installed shelving on the pantry door.  This made a huge difference to our pantry organization.  I now can access things easily and quickly and know what we have on hand since I can now see everything.  Most of what we have on the door are snacks- mostly for baby and Huck.  

One of Little Miss’ favorite pastimes includes putting things in and out of containers.  She puts her blocks in and out of their tub, stacks and unstacks her stacking cups and packs and unpacks the books from their basket.  I left the pantry door open and she decided to apply her new skill to the snacks on the shelves- most specifically, the applesauce.  

First, she took the applesauce off the third shelf:



Next, she pondered what to do with it.  She doesn’t enjoy eating it, you see:


Apparently, the third shelf was too high to reach while seated, because she ‘put them away’ on Huck’s shelf:


Look at the expression on her face.  Do you think she thought she was in trouble, realized that it wasn’t quite right or was hoping that I wouldn’t notice?  Regardless, I’m happy that I have a baby willing to clean up after herself.


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