Zip it

(Warning: This post is all over the place) Sugar Plum is very interested in zippers.  Most specifically on this backpack.  I tried switching from her diaper bag to this backpack thinking that all the different compartments would keep me more organized.  While that was true to some extent, it also allowed me to shove in tons of stuff and it got really big and heavy.  Today I majorly downsized and went back to the diaper bag.  In the meantime, when we would get home I would throw the backpack on the couch, put Little Miss on the floor and do whatever needed doing at the moment.  She developed the habit of cruising over to the backpack and playing with the zippers. Harmless enough I thought, so I haven’t been discouraging it.  It wasn’t a problem until Little Miss and I left without the diaper bag.  On several occasions we came home to find the snacks dug out of the bag and scattered on the floor with bite marks in all my nice tupperware.  Puppy, ever the opportunist, has taken advantage of Little Miss’ love of zippers and used the opening (literally) for a few extra snacks.  The other day I let Sugar Plum play on the couch and she became interested in the zippers again.




Look at that last picture.  Doesn’t she just seem so happy?  Surely that’s worth some gnarly tupperware.  


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