The Winning Formula

The Winning Formula

I remember leaving the lactation consultant’s office in tears because I wasn’t making enough milk to feed my then 5 week-old baby. I was determined that she would only have the best to eat and formula was never part of my plan. Between medicine, a rigorous pumping schedule and an amazing sorority sister, I was able to feed Little Miss breast milk exclusively for 4 months. At that point my dad died and my supply plummeted- I was never able to get it back. Around that time we decided to supplement with formula rather than search out more donors; it just felt like a safer option. Hubs and I did extensive research and settled on this brand. Little Miss not only tolerated it, but continued to thrive. Over the months, we’ve had to use more formula and less breast milk. Because we were going through so much, we signed up for a subscription through Amazon. It was wonderful having a month’s supply of formula just show up at my door without any effort on my part. Now that Sugar Pop is 11 months, her time on formula is coming to a close. Last month marked the last shipment we’ll receive and we canceled the subscription. The four canisters in the cupboard are the last that we’ll ever give to her. I’ll continue to nurse until she decides to wean and we’ll begin to transition to an alternate milk source in a couple of weeks. Formula is quite expensive and it’ll be nice to lose that expense, but it also means that my baby is growing up. I can’t believe that we’ve reached this juncture already.


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