Lip Tied Again?

Back when Little Miss was a newborn we had latching issues which were attributed to a lip and tongue tie.  Here was one of the pictures I took to send to the dentist back then:



He confirmed that she was both lip and tongue tied and we went to Chicago to have them revised.  Nursing improved and I thought all was well.  Fast forward until a month or so ago when Little Miss finally got her front teeth.  There’s quite a gap which is an indicator of a lip tie.  I became worried that the lip tie may have reattached, so I took another picture and sent it to the dentist in Chicago:


The dentist said that in some cases the frenulum is quite thick and may need to be revised a second time.  He said that only 3 other patients have ever needed to have a second revision, but offered to give her a complimentary evaluation and frenectomy, should it be required.  The problem is that we have no plans to go to Chicago until Thanksgiving.  In the long term leaving this uncorrected can lead to cavities, speech issues and a gap in the teeth.  We’ll have to determine if the revision needs to happen sooner or later before deciding if we need to make a trip to Chicago earlier than anticipated. 


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