Fun at the Park

Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’m trying to get Little Miss Sunshine outside as much as possible.  I think it’s good for both our souls.  Today nap time worked perfectly and we were able to go to the park with several of our friends.  One of the moms was smart enough to bring some of her bikes and riding toys to the little kids area.  My darling girl was stuck to my leg until the mama kindly brought over this airplane toy.  She loved it.  


She didn’t ride it anywhere, but she did play with the buttons that made noise and even made the propeller spin.  Here’s a more artsy rendering of her exploration:


One of her friends was also interested in the toy and started to roll it away before she chased him down.


Unfortunately, it ended with a crash and burn.  Fortunately, no one was injured.Image

On a completely unrelated side note, check out her outfit.  Isn’t it too cute?  I almost couldn’t stand the cuteness when I put it on her today.  And check out her shoulders.  Her daddy would say that she got those from him, but it looks like she’s been hitting the gym all winter in anticipation for sleeveless outfits.  And if by gym you mean climbing all over Mommy all day long then I would say yes, you are correct:)


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