When we were pregnant, hubs and I concluded that Little Miss would have dark curly hair.  He and I both have dark curly hair (although mine didn’t turn curly until college) so we thought it was a no-brainer.  Since Tater Tot was essentially born bald, one of the great mysteries has been if we were correct.  Around six months she started actually growing hair and now we can say that it’s a pretty plain brown with red highlights.  Still dark, so we’re still in the running.  

The next question to be answered is if her hair will be straight or curly.  When she was a tiny baby she had a few longer hairs and one of them was pretty curly, so we were thinking that we were right in our assumption.  However, when she finally began growing hair at six months, it came in poker straight.  Hmmm.  Looks like we may have been wrong.  And then this morning I gave her a bath and spotted this hiding behind her ears and at the bottom of her hairline:


I know it’s hard to tell but could it be my baby girl is getting some curls?  I’m a total sucker for little girls with curls, but having had both types of hair, I know that straight hair is easier to maintain.  It’ll be what it is, but I love that almost a year later, she still has so many new things to show us.  


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