Restaurant Entertainment

Restaurant Entertainment

Hubs and I made the decision last month that eating out was getting both too costly and too stressful. I enjoy getting breaks from cooking, but taking a baby to a restaurant is work. We have to go somewhere that won’t have too long of a wait so that we can be sure to be finished by bedtime. We prefer to have things on the menu that we can share with her, and we have to keep her occupied while we’re waiting to order and for our food to arrive. I have some items in the diaper bag that only come out at restaurants, but her favorite thing to do is simply throw them on the floor. Food seems to be the most effective and she loves eating puffs, but I hate filling her up with food while we’re waiting for more food to arrive. My cousin gave us a leap frog something-or-other for Christmas. It doesn’t get much use at the house (because we’re trying to limit screens) and on a recent road trip we brought it along to keep her entertained in the car. Wouldn’t you know it does the trick? We still try to limit how much we get it out, but we’re happy that we have something that she enjoys doing, and doesn’t immediately throw, for those times when we do make it out for a meal.


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