New “Toys”

With the winter being so cold and so long, we spend a lot of time at home. It’s a lovely home, but I’ve really begun to wonder how our Sweet Pea isn’t completely bored with the toys and activities on offer day in and day out. I fret about it, and yet I don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff that she’ll outgrow in no time flat.
On a related side note: everyday I need to wash the bottles. To help ease tension on my back, the physical therapist recommended opening the cabinet door under the sink and putting one foot on it. This seems easy enough so I’ve been doing it. This, however, grants Sweet Pea access to everything under the sink. Our cleaners are kept elsewhere (and I’m standing right there supervising) so this isn’t really a big deal. Sweet Pea takes this as her daily cue to come over and explore underneath the sink. Her most exciting find? These green Scotchbrite sponges. She loves them, looks at them, carries them around the kitchen, but has never taken them out of the packaging. Here’s hoping she’ll find more ‘toys’ like these to keep her occupied and save me having to shop.


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