Burgess Falls

A few weeks ago we actually got some decent weather so we packed a lunch, got the family into the car and headed out East to explore some state parks.  After some initial debate, we wound up at Burgess Falls.  None of us had been there before and we didn’t know what to expect, but they allowed dogs and had some hiking trails so we were up for an exploration.  As we began our hike, we first came to this fall:


We knew that there had to be more on offer, but it was the first waterfall we came to and easy enough to jump off the trail for a photo, so we went for it.  After a little while longer we arrived at the Middle Fall.  Little Miss was more interested in the noise than anything, but she looked at it for a while.



We continued to hike and found a larger waterfall, but it was really crowded so we didn’t take a photo.  We did decide to hike down and have a picnic lunch at the top of the fall.  This was our first family picnic.  It was a bit awkward eating on the rocks, but we made it work.


Little Miss Hungry ate her food, still was able to share some with Huck and finished up satisfied:


(Hope you also enjoyed the closeup of some of her teeth:) We had the option to take some stairs down to the bottom of the fall, but I didn’t want to have to climb all the stairs back up so we passed on it this time.  That seemed to be the only hiking trail we could find, so we made our way back.  Because of our initial confusion as to which park we would go to, we spent a lot of time in the car, but it was an easy hike and a good place for a first time picnic.  There are several other state parks with waterfalls (one with a great swimming hole) that we hope to explore this summer.  If it ever becomes summer again- I’m beginning to feel like we’re living in Narnia.

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