A Gated Community

A Gated Community

After Little Miss Curious decided to climb and then fall down the stairs last month, we decided that it was high time to install some baby gates. Hubs got right on installing the one at the bottom of the stairs, since that’s where the problems are most likely to occur. After some instruction, the gate is easy enough to manage and it seems to do the trick. Actually, truth be told, Little Miss isn’t really interested in the stairs at all. She was just here because I ran upstairs to get something and she wanted to see where I went. The person it causes the most difficulty for is Huckleberry. He often likes to snooze in bed once Pumpkin and I get up and he’s been locked on the other side of the gate and whimpered for rescuing more than once. Now, when he hears Sweet Pea and I make our way towards the stairs, he’s out of the bed like a rocket and follows us down pretty closely. I’m pretty sure he misses his freedom to lie on our bed whenever, but those are the shakes for the next year or so.

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