The Activity Cube

The bad news is that I threw out my back on Sunday.  Fortunately, it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time and essential oils have been making a huge difference.  Today I had an appointment with my old neighbor, who is also a physical therapist.  I took Tater Tot over to her house for a session.  Her work area is actually set up in the garage, so out there we went to get to work.  She put a blanket on the floor for Little Miss and I reached into the diaper bag for some toys for her to play with.  My neighbor then placed this activity cube on the blanket.  I mentioned that I was looking for one of those for Little Miss and you could literally see the wheels spinning in her head.  Her youngest is 4 1/2 years old and she was looking to get rid of it.  We quickly arranged a sale and I walked away with a really cool activity cube for a steal of a price, as well as getting my back tuned up and cleared again for running.

When we got home I put the cube in the family room, showed Little Miss a few things she could try and let her go to town.  At first, she was more interested in using it to pull up on:


However, she then got interested in one of the sides.  She was particularly fond of opening and closing the door- she must’ve spent at least 10 minutes on that one activity.  You can tell how focused she is just by looking at her tongue:


I haven’t seen her really explore the other sides yet, but there’s always tomorrow.  


2 thoughts on “The Activity Cube

  1. Hi, I’m glad you are feeling better. Love the activity cube. I’m glad Little Miss likes it. I see a mouth full of teeth. Can’t wait to see everybody.

    Love, Mary Ellen

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