Capitol Baby

Capitol Baby

Last week was gorgeous. We had several days that we could venture out without our coats on and we took full advantage. Tuesday we had a play date in town and I had a Dr. appointment in the afternoon. I didn’t want to drive back to the suburbs only to have to drive back in later. I’m so grateful that it was a nice day, because I couldn’t think of anything else to do to pass time time. This park was in my old neighborhood and I used to do laps with Little Miss for exercise with another mom and her baby. We really enjoyed it and it was a nice start to our day. I decided to relive the happy memories and did some laps with Little Miss. There were lots of people who also had the same idea which made it nice to also be able to people watch. This park was built to commemorate the state’s bicentennial. It has a great view of the state capitol and I was able to get a picture of Little MIss in front. It looks much better when everything is green and lush. Perhaps I’ll take her back in a few months and retake this picture for comparison.


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