My Breakfast Companion

Little Miss and I have a morning routine.  When I hear her stirring, I go to her room and nurse her.  This allows me to wake up a little and Pumpkin seems to also enjoy the quiet time together.  Then we come downstairs, let out the dog and get her diaper changed.  I then put her down in the family room to play and I make my breakfast, then bring it into the family room to eat.  Now that Tater Tot is aware of what I’m doing, she comes over to join me lickety split.  She crawls over and then pulls up and stands at my knee.   I then get this look:



Depending on the morning, she also gives me big smiles, but the intent is still the same.  I now pour more cereal than I normally eat so that there will be enough for the both of us.  She happily waits and allows me to spoon it into her mouth.



We continue in this manner until the bowl is empty.  At that point I have to show her the empty bowl and then she’s satisfied and allows me to bring it into the kitchen while she goes back to playing.  I can then prepare her bottle and feed her, thus concluding our morning routine.  The first few months are so crazy that you don’t think you’ll ever get a routine again and before you know it, they’ve creeped up and you’re doing it without realizing.  I love our mornings together and the easy way we spend the time until the first nap.  Someday our lives will be more hectic and I’m sure that I’ll really miss this.


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