Entertainment in the Napmobile

Entertainment in the Napmobile

One of the disadvantages of living in the suburbs is that it takes me so much longer to get to things. Drives that used to take 10 mins now take 30. This is significant when it comes to Little Miss and her naps. It’s very common to drive to a play date or leave a play date and arrive at my destination with Little MIss happily snoozing away in the back seat. I’ve been stuck more than once with only my phone for entertainment. I’m not a huge web surfer so that can quickly get boring. I’ve now started bringing books with me in the diaper bag so I’m sure to always have something to occupy myself while I’m waiting for a girl that can snooze up to 2 hours. I just have to be sure to keep myself stocked with books. Anyone have any suggestions of good ones I can request from the library?

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