Keys, Please!

Keys, Please!

Little Miss is completely obsessed with my keys. When I put them away, she goes to their spot, grabs them and plays away. I’m not sure why all babies love keys, but she’s definitely in that phase. Luckily, she loses interest in them near their home so I haven’t had to go looking through the house for my keys yet. Little Miss is currently developing object permanence. This means that she knows that an object exists even if she can’t see it. She looks for toys that she drops, but these keys are different. She knows where they belong and goes looking for them. Usually she finds them where they belong and plays away. Today I was out for a bit. Hubs said that she looked for the keys and was surprised when they weren’t where they belonged. Almost as soon as I got home and put my keys away, she was reaching for them and kept entertained until dinner was ready. I said I wasn’t going to be one of those parents who gave their things over to their kids to play with and now here I am. I’m sure this won’t be the first time I eat my words.


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