Daddy’s Little Helper

Now that Little Miss is starting to cruise the furniture, we thought that buying a walker for her might be in order.  We found one at our discount store that starts out as a walker and then doubles as a riding toy once she’s a little bigger.  We were happy that it’s versatile and will have a longer life span, so in the cart it went.  Once home, Daddy got out the parts and started to assemble the pieces.  This is an indicator of Little Miss’s maturity, because she crawled over quickly and tried to get involved.  She started grabbing little pieces which Daddy quickly traded for some bigger ones.  Then, she saw the instruction booklet and grabbed hold.  That was an easy thing to let her have, so she became in charge of the instructions.  



It looks like she’s really involved in the process.  Here she is looking at the progress.



If you look at their mouths, they seem to have the same expression.  The toy is now assembled and she’s used it a bit, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a smash just yet.  I think she still has some confidence to develop with walking and she’ll be all over.


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