Valentine’s Booty

Valentine's Booty

I’ve been reminding hubs in a slightly obnoxious way about Valentine’s Day. We exchanged our cards at dinner and he gave me a spa day and girl scout cookies as a gift. Hubs surprised me when he announced that he had a card and some gifts for Little Miss as well. It reminded me of all the Valentines past when my dad gave me cards and gifts. There’s no doubt that hubs will be our daughter’s first Valentine and the one that sets the bar for all future men in her life. I never mentioned getting a card or gift for her; I’m so glad that he took the impetus and did it himself. He wrote such a sweet card that I was in tears by the end. I can’t wait for her to look back someday, read it and realize how much he adores his little girl. He also gave her a stuffed bear and a cute piggy bank. Here they are looking at her gifts. She was most intrigued by the piggy bank. Well done, hubs- a very successful Valentine’s Day 2014:).


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