Stairway to Heaven

Little Miss recently discovered a new part of the house- the stairs.  Her bedroom is upstairs so she travels these stairs at least three times a day for sleeping, but she’s never seemed particularly interested.  Until there was something interesting going on in the middle of the day.  She heard a loud noise and went to investigate.



It wound up being none other than Daddy with the vacuum cleaner!



Pardon the dirty walls in the picture.  We’re trying to figure out what paint color to use and it’s taking a while.  Back to the stairs.  This will be the next part of the house that we baby proof.  Hubs warned me that she’d try to climb the stairs and I didn’t believe him.  It was her first time over there, after all.  Turns out he was correct.  We were both in the kitchen a few minutes later when we heard a big thud and a scream.  She didn’t get hurt badly, but it’s enough that we’re now in the market for some baby gates.  It amazes me that in a year or two she’ll be doing the stairs with ease, but right now having gates up is essential.  A season for everything, I suppose.  She hasn’t ventured over there since, so hopefully we have a little time to get organized.  


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