Happy 9 Month Birthday, Honey Bunches!

Happy 9 Month Birthday, Honey Bunches!

This month was a busy one! We got settled into our new house just in time for winter to really settle in and make us bunker down. Luckily, Tio Daniel’s wedding rolled around and we got to escape the cold for the warmth of Florida. The plane ride went well and the wedding was beautiful, but the vacation wasn’t as relaxing as ones in the past. We think we’re going to limit air travel for a while until it becomes less stressful. At the 9 month mark we went to a well-check at the Dr’s office. Without further ado, here’s the month, by the numbers:

Weight- 22 lbs, 11 oz (96th percentile)
Height- 29.75 in (96th percentile)
Head Circumference- 18 in (93rd percentile)
Clothes Size- 12 mos, moving towards 18 mos in some brands
#oz drunk/day- 4 6 oz bottles a day and 1 4 oz bottle/night (We were able to drop one bottle a day because she eats so much solid food)
Road Trips- 0, but we flew to Florida
Foods Tried- Pinto Bean Hominy Soup, Vegetable Stew, quesadillas,
Favorite Things- being dragged across the carpet on her tummy
New Discovery- Looking at me in the mirror, then turning around to see me, then looking at me in the mirror…. swimming
# teeth- still 2
Biggest Challenge- Getting her to sleep all the way through the night. It always comes back to sleep.
Biggest Success- getting her to eat food off a fork and spoon
Sweetest Thing- coming home after dates with hubs to find her curled up with Grandma or Uncle Mike


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